Consultation and costs

Your consultation

It is always ideal to see you with your partner (if applicable). The consultation will take an hour. A full infertility history will be taken. If indicated an examination will also be performed. Any information that you can bring with you such as reports of investigations and treatments will be very helpful (see below).

Even if a previous treatment cycle has failed, the information gained from that can be highly significant. Options need to be reassessed in the light of that information.

You will be given ample time to fully discuss all of your relevant options.

If further investigations are likely to be helpful, recommendations will be made and it will then be up to you and your GP to organise those. A full report of the consultation will be sent to you including a copy for you to pass on to your GP.

Relevant literature will be provided, including information on where your local assisted conception services are and what is available from those services.

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Information to bring to your consultation

It would be very helpful if you could bring all relevant information to your consultation. If available this will include:

  • the actual results of blood tests, sperm counts and other investigations (your GP may have these)
  • dates and details of previous treatments
  • copies of reports sent to your GP or to yourself

In addition please bring:

  • dates of recent periods to establish regularity / irregularity of your menstrual cycle
  • measurements of your height and weight

Finally please make a list of any questions you may have and donít forget to bring these with you!

Costs *
  • The cost of a 1 hour consultation is £120.
  • The cost of a ½ hour consultation is £70.

* The costs include the consultation service and the full written report.